About Paydrt

We're bringing the world of data intelligence and trust to the creators who run the websites that power the world. When you bring all of your data in one place you can understand the levers of success. When data becomes transparent and shareable, trust can thrive and businesses can grow.

We support creators by giving them a single tool to help them run their entire business.

Our 3 pillars

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    We know that bringing everything in one place is key to understanding the full picture. We believe in aligning creators with the best tools, platforms, and services to help them be as successful as possible.

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    We aim to cut through the noise by signaling the data points that actually mean something. We always ask ourselves ``What is the relationship between data points? How do they signal growth success?``

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    We're going to build the standard of trust between creators and data. We can assure all creators that they're making the right decisions for their sites. We can assure brands they can trust creators by providing real-time data, which removes barriers to website success.

Get to know our story

Paydrt was conceived by Josh Smith while he was working with website owners as the CRO at the advertising technology firm Monumetric. Josh realized that content creator’s businesses were extremely fragmented and overly complicated. He observed that creators were overrun with business data that they weren’t equipped to analyze. Inunddated by noise coming from every platform and tool they were using, Creators were using duct-taped solutions to try and run their business. Flying mostly blind trying to understand it all, ultimately taking away valuable time doing what they do best – create.

In Jan. 2019, Josh amicably left Monumetric to found Paydrt, the first all-in-one Business Management Platform for content creators. The Founders vision was organized into 3 guiding pillars: Connection, Signal, and Trust. He decided it was important for Paydrt to start with customer experience and work backwards into the technology. Now, Paydrt only build features that the customer has validated as a reliable solution to their pain point. To Josh, what matters most is that the Creator always comes first.

Who We Are

Josh Smith

Founder & CEO

Foodie. Single handedly keeps Red Bull in business. Disneyland churros are my love language. Undoubtedly married up. Fluent in Nacho Libre. Not afraid to catch fish. Favorite short series: Guy on a Buffalo

Parker Allen

Product Manager

Often accused of being a ski bum. Researcher of nerdy things. Known to sacrifice sleep for gaming and playing sports. Eater of ice cream by the carton. Hasn’t died from being an outdoor survivalist…yet.

Jordan Rand


Spiker of spikeballs. Happily engaged. Games with friends on weekends (for the whole weekend). Owns enough street cred to retire on. Unofficially the world’s loudest typer.

Tony Choutdara


Adventurous-ish outdoorsman. Family man. Self-proclaimed illest gamer of all time (#PCMasterRace). Resident auto mechanic. Proud owner of an oversized mousepad.

Micah Caffey


Unabashed hike-aholic. Lover of nature stuff. Street taco connoisseur. Often spotted playing pick up soccer. Down for a MarioKart challenge anytime, anywhere – unless he’s playing soccer. Can spell M-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i faster than anyone in the office.

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