Making sense of your website data is overwhelming and confusing.

Finally, a platform that brings all your stats under one roof.
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More Needle. Less Haystack.

More Gain. Less Pain.

More Gold. Less Digging.

Let’s face it, your website has a lot of data coming in from a lot of places. Making sense of it all is time-consuming, fragmented, and confusing. Paydrt is the only place where publishers can connect all their data and gain meaningful insight.

De-Stress Your Data

Websites are digital, and everything that’s digital is trackable, for better or for worse. That means your site is creating millions of data points every day for you to track! Now you can easily consolidate your data into meaningful insights that inform instead of intimidate.

Manage Your Business Like a Boss

Most content sites monetize through 3 main channels. Now you can track all your revenue in one place and finally connect those dots to your traffic and influence.

Display Advertising

See all your ad networks, or direct deals together in one place

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Combine all your advertiser relationships into one easy-to-manage tracking tool.


Track all your various affiliate networks by clicks, revenue, and most successful posts

Weave All Your Numbers Together

Your influence affects your traffic. Your traffic affects your revenue. But how and by how much? When all of your data is in one place, you can start to understand what strategies are working, and what strategies are worthless.

Needed by Publishers Everywhere

Paydrt was created for and tested by real publishers.

More Success. Less Stress.

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